DISRUPTION: "The Flow Of Dopamine Hits As I #comprendoAF PM's Double-talk Speech At The Pool Party", I tell the packed auditorium on Dorinto. #laughterAAF (2.8k) - You've Got Hate Mail
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DISRUPTION: “The Flow Of Dopamine Hits As I #comprendoAF PM’s Double-talk Speech At The Pool Party”, I tell the packed auditorium on Dorinto. #laughterAAF (2.8k)

DISRUPTION: “The Flow Of Dopamine Hits As I #comprendoAF PM’s Double-talk Speech At The Pool Party”, I tell the packed auditorium on Dorinto. #laughterAAF (2.8k)

I enter the living room in my rental house on Dorinto; slap the guy on the couch in the face to wake up; punch the other guy on the couch in the nards; tell them that I’m back and I want to watch TV; turn on the TV; sit down on my couch; grab a blanket; get comfortable; sip on my refreshing agua fresca de Jamaica; turn to the first guy on the couch;¬†hey, it’s your turn to make #palomitasAAF, I think and he gets up and takes a step towards the kitchen.

The show starts;

On today’s episode of¬†I Call This Radical Living,¬†we’re going to make some dilly beans. First a word from our sponsor.¬†

The camera pans to a person with a mountain bike; she changes the tire on it; continuing she says her business catch-phrase:

When your tire goes flat? This shit is¬†where it’s at! (She then shows the small piece of rubber; spits on it; the chemical reaction makes it grow into a full size tire.)

The camera cuts back to the host.

So then I put #mayonesaAAF on my testicles and tell my cat that dinner’s ready… Oh, wait…. We’re back? Ok, so back to the dilly beans.

here is dilly bean recipe.makes 4 pints  2 pounds beanstrim and blanch for for 1 minute, drain and plunge in icewater to cool.  fit vertically in sterile jars ,  ,ix together 21/2 cups water, 21/2 cups white venegar andbring to a boil.   in each ja4r of beans add a sprig of dill (or 1 teasapoon of dill weed. 1 peeled clove ga4rlic. 1/2 tsp mustard seed, 1 small hot red peper and cover with hot liquid.  wipe rims and pput on lids and process fo4r ten  minutes covered witth boiling water in pot with rack in bottom.  remove and waait 2 weeks before eating.  good  luck!

The host puts them in the jar; takes a step towards the refrigerator where there’s a jar ready; turns back to studio audience.

left out of recipe’ 1/4cup pickling salt

“She copies her friends; friends copy her; the loop continues”, I tell the packed auditorium in the college on Dorinto.

How come no one has questions; no clapping; where’s the laughter? Where the FUCK is the #laughterAAF?*

*AAF is a common acronym that stands for Another Average Friday (no, really it DOES mean As All Fuck, but we don’t say that in respectful company).

I squint my eyes to see past the¬†glare of the lights in the auditorium;¬†the seats are almost all empty, except for those two people, I think,¬†who are there? Where is everyone? The council told me that the place was sold-out? It doesn’t look sold-out, I think as I turn from my laptop in my home ktchen and turn towards to HR.

“What did you do?”, I ask HR as she tilts her head down, “PM what did you do? What’s going on?”

PM turns her head to look out the window, then down at the ground, finally, at me, “it’s just that no one was buying your books and I, and your wife, saw how sad it was making you. We decided to do something. We lied and told the council to tell you that the place was packed with no extra tickets.”

“It’s brillant”, I tell PM as I turn my head to my wife in the kitchen, “I love you, my little”

The phone rings; there’s been a stampede of GNRUINT on planet DKINTER in the 4th point of space; we have a new mission.

“Nah”, I tell the phone operator before I hang up the phone, “I’m going to sit this one out. I gotta get back to work, you know?”

“Well FUCK you then, man”, the operator yells as I close my videotelepathy device and the transmission ends.


{Link Bit.ly/2vaCmWh}

We’re introduced to a guy named Gaal Dornick right away. He’s lived his whole life on the world of Synnax, and he’s taking a trip to Trantor for the first time.

It’s one of those country boy meets¬†bright lights, big city¬†kind of deals.

Gaal considers how this space jump will be the farthest he’s ever been from home.

We also learn that jumping is the only practical way to get from planet to planet without traveling at the tediously slow speed of light. Hey, 186,000 miles per second is practically grandma speed when you’re talking about traveling between star systems.

The ship jolts a little, and then it is at Trantor. Jump complete. Even the¬†Millennium Falcon¬†can’t keep up with Asimov’s future tech.

So, why all the traveling? Gaal’s going to join a man named Hari Seldon on Trantor and work on his boringly named Seldon Project.

Hmm, where have we heard that name before?

Hanging out in the view room, Gaal desperately wants to catch a glimpse of Trantor from space.

An officer enters and informs him that the view room will be closed for the rest of the trip. The ship will be entering the atmosphere sun side, so anyone trying to get a peek at the planet would be burned, blinded, and radiation-marinated. Tasty.

Gaal considers his disappointment childish, but can’t help it. We feel you, buddy.

The ship lands, and Gaal exits into the Debarkation Building, a travel hub that makes LAX look like a Kansas airstrip.

Gaal is pointed toward some taxis, and although the system initially confuses him, he manages to convince one to take him to the nearest hotel. LOL tourists, right?

Trantor is way big. Everything is housed inside vast structures and buildings. The taxis and other vehicles use tunnels to get through and between the buildings. It’s just like a colony of ants.

When Gaal arrives at the Luxor Hotel (not¬†that one), he notices he hasn’t seen the sky since his arrival.

Actually, that does sound a lot like Vegas.

Another¬†Encyclopedia Galactica¬†entry concludes this chapter. Get use to them; they’ll be popping up a lot.

This one gives us some details on Trantor. The entire planet’s surface is one giant city that, at its height, housed forty billion people. Yeah, with a B.¬†

Laplace Transforms

{Link Bit.ly/2uw32D3}

As we saw in the last section computing Laplace transforms directly can be fairly complicated.  Usually we just use a table of transforms when actually computing Laplace transforms.  The table that is provided here is not an inclusive table, but does include most of the commonly used Laplace transforms and most of the commonly needed formulas pertaining to Laplace transforms.

Before doing a couple of examples to illustrate the use of the table let’s get a quick fact out of the way.


Given f(t) and g(t) then, for any constants a and b.

In other words, we don’t worry about constants and we don’t worry about sums or differences of functions in taking Laplace transforms.  All that we need to do is take the transform of the individual functions, then put any constants back in and add or subtract the results back up.

So, let’s do a couple of quick examples.

“We have no more Woolly Mammoth in the vicinity”, my wife tells me as she wipes the grease from the leg bone on her arm;¬†we have no more, huh?, I think.

“I have to tell you something”, I say as I turn to my wife and lower my voice, “they injected the Woolly Mammoths with it. They told me last night, ok?”

Her face goes ashen, “what did they inject into the Woolly Mammoths?”

“They call is DNA”, I tell her as I look away and recall teh strange visitor;¬†it’s like computers,¬†I think to my friend as he turns left in his new 1968 spacejet;¬†it’s like computers or it is a computer code?, he thinks back to me and my internal videotelepathy device vibrates to let me know a new message has arrived.

I turn back to my wife, who is reaching over the fire for another piece of Woolly Mammoth; what is DNA?, she asks me.

“It’s like the book I gave to HR”, I tell her as I lean back on m small stump, “it’s directions.”

“And, what is going to happen to me?”, she asks as she turns her face towards me;¬†in the glow of the small campfire, it looks¬†beautiful, I think.

“You will begin to evolve”, I tell my wife as her eyes fixate on mine, “soon you will grow two more legs; you will be like the Woolly¬†Mammoths, but you will remain human, like HR; one day, you will be the same as me; evolution will take time; you will not see the changes; incremental steps towards the¬†receding horizon fastening us in a cycle of action towards the moving sun as we chase our tails which will be gone soon;¬†are you writing this down, I think to my friend in his spacejet as I pat myself on the back ’cause I’m brilliant.

“Again”, I tell my wife as she returns to eating the leg of Woolly Mammoth, “it’s LIKE the book; what it is hasn’t been created or invented yet. I can’t compare it to anything; what it is, it’s contemporary twin, is not yet in this world.”;¬†yes, DNA is like computers but what it is, actually, has not been invented in your time, yet, I think to my friend in his new spacejet.

“Buried in this DNA is a source code that can not be changed, easily”, I tell my wife who has turned her head to me, “there’s programs for your breath, heart rate, audio translation and logic computation. You will change these programs one day, I will teach you.”

“Tell me one thing; a part of it”, she asks as she turns her eyes to the small campfire.

“Ok?”, I tell her as I look away, “you are programmed to survive, at all costs. ¬†In your contrarian Triune brain, this manifests as self-defeating behavior–reverse the program and let your human nature kick in, ok?”

I look at the ground; we have a lot riding on this, I think.

‚ÄúLife’s a¬†voyage that’s¬†homeward bound.‚ÄĚ

“Hey, hold on one sec PM”, I tell HR as I open up my laptop in the kitchen, “I gotta send an update to CR (Costa Rica) about my business trip there last week.”

I sit down in my kitchen chair and start typing:

From: “Jamie Smith” <juanderer21@hotmail.com>
To: <juanderer21@hotmail.com>
Sent: Sunday, April 01, 2007 12:28 AM
Subject: FW: A couple pics from Costa Rica

> Hey Everyone,
> In case you didn’t know, I went to Costa Rica about a month (and
> change) ago.  Here are some pictures from the trip.  I wish that I
> could comment on each one as you view them but to give you a very
> quick recap;
> Flew to Costa Rica,
> Rented a 4×4,
> Got lost,
> Got WAY more lost trying to get unlost,
> Cried, ok I didn’t cry, I just stopped at a gas station and got
> directions,
> Realized that NO ONE speaks English in Costa Rica,
> This is going to be an interesting trip
> Finally get on the correct road,
> Arrive in Samarra,
> Check my directions from my friend who was already down there, “turn
> right at the horse pasture, left at dead end, i’m in the green
> house”, find the place easily (very small town),
> Met my friend (blonde girl), stayed with the Costa Rican
> family for the night,
> ‘Talked’ with the mom, Alice, she tried arranging a wedding between
> her daughter and I, awkward, I needed a drink,
> Went out on the town, town meaning 3 bars on the dirt road,
> Woke up next morning to fresh pineapple, bananas, grapes and coffee
> (life was great),
> Swam around in the warm Pacific ocean, looked for sharks and
> stingrays, didn’t find anyone luckily
> Drove to Mal Pais and Montezuma (located on the southern tip of the
> Nicoya peninsula) with our other housemate (brunette),
> Rented a room for the night = $6 (green room, red door, kitchen).
> Opened fridge in room, closed fridge, aired out room for 2 hours, no
> more opening the fridge
> Did some surfing, swimming, laughing,
> Drove back to Samarra that night, decide to follow Frost’s advice
> and take ‘road less traveled’ aka the short cut in Costa Rican
> speak,
> Found out that ‘road’ is a very liberal term, we drove up dirt
> hills, down narrow passes (barely wide enough for one vehicle), and
> (my favorite) through unmarked jungle streams/lakes/bodies of water,
> side note = the streams are meant to be driven through but you have
> to know the correct route through
, forded streams in flipflops (and
> complete darkness) to feel out the proper way to go through stream,
> saw big snake in water, screamed like a young lady, ran across
> stream blindly (~50 feet wide), got a bit embarrassed by the
> screaming, decided not to tell anyone that part of the story,
> wondered if i was Indiana Jones or just an underpaid extra in one of
> his movies,
> Arrived back in Samarra in one piece, needed another drink, went to
> bar
> We then spent the next couple days sightseeing, exploring the area,
> and some good ol’ fashioned R&R (rum and more rum)
> Drove back to San Jose, didn’t get lost, said ‘Adios Costa Rica’ as
> we were boarding the plane (actually I didn’t say that but now I
> wish that I would have),
> Got home, slept, woke up, started thinking about my next trip back
> to the amazing country known as Costa Rica!
> Pura Vida!
> Jamie

The response comes, almost, immediately on my videotelepathy device;


Thanks for sending us the pictures.   love CR

I laugh at the response; close the top of the laptop; recline the chair; look out the window.

“Hey!”, I call out to my wife who is in the living room, “what’s for dinner?”

New AI can predict Alzheimers in patients 10 years out

{Link Bit.ly/2tyHpxX}


MIT researchers trained a machine learning system on MRI data from patient’s suffering from neurodegenerative diseases. By leveraging this vast pool of data, the team found that they were able to cut the prediction error rate with new patients from 20% to 10%, a reduction of 50%.  The data that they used to train the machine was taken from a longitudinal study of MRI’s taken on the same subjects months and years apart.


Aside from being able to gauge the possibility of neurological disease on individuals up to 10 years out, the technology also holds great importance for experimental Alzheimer’s drug development.

I hit #playAF on the hologram icon on the videotelepathy device; the hologram shows up on the far wall of the living room; look at this, I think to my wife and HR; this could be what caused the stampede, I think back to my boss; if it takes time to go through it, I continue thinking to my boss, what if it last years? Or generations?

elisabeth k√ľbler-ross – five stages of grief

{Link Bit.ly/2vb7qFq}

kubler-ross model for death and bereavement counselling, personal change and trauma

Elisabeth K√ľbler-Ross (which is the correct spelling; Elizabeth Kubler Ross is a common incorrect form and used above for search-engine visibility). Incidentally, ‘counselling’ is UK English and ‘counseling’ is US English.

Dr Elisabeth K√ľbler-Ross pioneered methods in the support and counselling of personal trauma, grief and grieving, associated with death and dying. She also dramatically improved the understanding and practices in relation to bereavement and hospice care. This is quite aside from the validity of her theoretical work itself, on which point see the note, right.

Her ideas, notably the¬†five stages of grief model¬†(denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance), are transferable to varying degrees and in different ways, to personal change and emotional upset resulting from factors other than death and dying. See for example¬†John Fisher’s Personal Transition Theory.

We can often very clearly observe similar reactions to those explained by K√ľbler-Ross’s grief model in people confronted with far less serious traumas than death and bereavement, such as by work redundancy, enforced relocation, crime and punishment, disability and injury, relationship break-up, financial despair and bankruptcy, etc.

This makes the model worthy of study and reference far outside of death and bereavement. The ‘grief cycle’ is actually a ‘change model’ for helping to understand and deal with (and counsel) personal reaction to trauma. It’s not just for death and dying.

This is because trauma and emotional shock are relative in terms of effect on people.