Just Give Me Some Heads-Up: When your team goes to the wrong football field, Yo! ;)

“I LOVE the way the football team looks this year.  I think we have a real chance of going far!”, my dad says.

“Yeah, whatever”, I tell him as I turn off the TV, then as a second thought I hit power and it turns back on.

“Potatoe McSkinson”, he continues, “will be the future of the franchise.  It’s about time that we got a complete defense.  Here we come championship!”

The crown goes wild; roll my eyes; he says this every year, I think; let’s see, I tell HR?

“Everyday we crash our cars the same way.”

In a couple months, I’ll have 10 years sobriety.  It’s not that I’ve never had a drink, or even that I was an alcoholic.  It’s that I just never really liked the taste–I cut off the traffic cop as I swerve to miss the FNWKME that jumped into the street.

Waving me on, he saw it too; it’s cool; we’re on the same team.

The sports reporter talks to Potatoe McSkinson.

“So what happened today?”, Sporty Fooderton asks about the loss in overtime.

“My team went to the wrong stadium”, Potatoe replies, continuing, “I told them to go to RNGD Stadium but they never showed up.  We, I, had it close at the end, but not having a wide receiver, running back, offensive line, center, or quarterback, I was outmanned.”

“So what changes do you plan to make to prepare for the next team?”, Sporty asks Potatoe.

“Nothing”, Potatoe says as he hits the mic out of Sporty’s hand and turns to leave.

“Potatoe”, Sporty asks, continuing, “are you the baddest motherfucker out there?”

“Huh?”, Potatoe is at a loss for words, I think.

“No, this is off the record”, he asks, continuing, “is Potatoe the baddest motherfucker out there? Just a personal question–asking for a friend?”

“Off the record?”, Potatoe says as he turns back to Sporty.


“Of course/claro”, Potatoe says as he grins at Sporty.

“Good”, Sporty replies as he hands the envelope to Potatoe.

“What’s this?”, Potatoe asks.

“You’ve been served”, Sporty says, continuing, “it’s for unpaid child support payments.”

Sporty takes off his headset and walks away as Potatoe gasps.


Hey thinking of taking the law school admission exam? That’s what I’m working on. Share in the comments any test taking hacks/tips/suggestions that have helped you.  Right now, I’m working on this.

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