The Secret: It’s #intenseAF and not for p*ssies! #manUP

man up
phrasal verb of man
1. be brave or tough enough to deal with an unpleasant situation.
“you just have to man up and take it”


“Handle it?”, I asked HR.

“I got this shit”, she calmly responded as she put the chicken thighs into the acid wash plumero.

This was my favorite way to eat chicken; it would give it a golden brown coating with a juicy middle.  Rather then frying the chicken (#greasyAF), it would remove the omega-6 from the bone and leave the pure meat; it was in a pinch that we would make it; done in 3.298 seconds.

I wiped my face with the #serviette.

The TV turned on.

“Weird?”, I asked her as I turned to see her sneaking another piece of chicken.

She had said she was only going to eat one; AHHH, I thought, one at a time: #LOL.

“Did you turn on the TV?”

“No”, she responded as she wiped her sleeve on her chin.

“Use a napkin, please”, I requested before turning back to the TV.

“Oh!”, I turn back to the screen, “class. What is the word from yesterday?”

“IntenseAF”, the class responds in unison.

“Ok. See you tomorrow”, I tell the students, “remember there’s a quiz on ectogeography Tuesday.”

“Teacher”, Susy asks as she raises her hand.

I quickly turn off the computer; make her wait; she’ll be better for it; I don’t know, I think; I got other shit to do; I pull out another piece of #pollo from the acid wash plumero.

“OUCH”, I cry out as it burns my #dedo.

“Careful”, HR says as she reaches for another piece.

“OUCHHH”, she cries out as she does the same mistake as me.

We laugh; we’re idiots; but, it’s cool; I really do love her, dearly.

If life expands in complexity and size based on the intensity that you can handle, will you jump into the crowd?


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