RELAX: The Story Of The Person Who Beat Every Addiction (Then had a heart attack)

“Find a place to make your stand and take it easy.”

“I’m going to quit drinking”, I told my comrade after a heavy night of HAKI.

That shit was really fucking up my sleep schedule; up one night with it; other nights left out; FUCKING HAKI, man; they should put a FUCKING warning label on it, or something, right? Right.

“Well anyways”, I told the class as I turned up the lights in the hallway, “you ready for your field trip to the water park?”

“Yes!”, said Susy.

No one liked Susy.  She always had to be right.

“Right?”, asked Timmy as we left the building towards the spacevan that would teleportkinetic us to the parking lot.

“LEFT”, I responded, “we need to take a left.”

A short story:

One day, a man decided to quit drinking. The next day, he decided to stop drugs.  The day afterwards, he stopped over working. Finally, he stopped under working. He was PERFECT. He had a heart attack and died.

Perfection is the enemy of progress. Take a step, whichever direction that you go will be correct–it’s not about direction, at first: build momentum, YO! 😉

Every generation feels the pressure to live perfectly; placid fears feeding on ghosts of the previous; we have to be perfect; but, perhaps, we forget that there is a generation coming up after us.

My grandfather was a drinker.  That’s cool, man! That’s his generation; his thing. Go with it! His son grew up in that and rejected it; taking it a step farther to stop drinking.  His son (that would be me) took it the next step.  We’ll see, right, what the youth of today do tomorrow?

Corrupt the youth.

Corrupt the youth.  Responsibly. Let them take things the next step. Perhaps your legacy, who you are, has nothing to do with what you do–perhaps, it’s what they, the next generation, does?


Jamie Smith

It's all about the story, man.

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