Keep Your Project In The Present; Failures in the past (tense, yo)! ;) #LOVEyou

“I liked your MySpace music!”, she said.

It was 2005.  I was a starry eyed kid dreaming of escaping a small (but not so small) city. Flattered, I thanked her and went on my day.

Years have passed.

A career was had; buildings were built; people got cool.

And, so, I suppose that I left because a big fish in a small lake needs more space; wide birth into the great void of potential untapped in random moments of pleasure mixed up with the laxadasical whilwind of common ground we stand upon.

I messed with it; always keeping my failure in the present while my success stayed in the past (tense).

I succeeded yesterday; today, I failed.

Eventually, I learned a simple phrase; conjoined twins of failure/success paradigm.

I am a failure, yesterday. I succeed, today.

Nothing’s new; compliments or criticism; vaccuums born us yesterday; abohored in space without a teething ring to placebo our misplaced lies; we live longer then the day is shortened by the pitch black; see the stars when you close your eyes in the day; open eyes and constellations upon the hour of the witches; bitches, I’m back, said the postcard from Dorinto that HR sent in the mail.

Continued on page 73 in paragraph 2 on line 3 in the 8th word.

It’s possible.

And, yesterday, I am a failure. Today?

We’ll see.

Jamie Smith

It's all about the story, man.

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