Like $20k In Uncashed Checks In My Car ‘Cause Going To The Bank Was #boringAF!

“Open the glovebox”, I repeated.

“Why? What’s up?”, he, my buddy, asked.

Opening the glovebox in the Nissan 200SX, the first thing that became apparent was that there was a stack of checks; $20k about, I suspected; boring to go to the bank.

When I started working as a freelancer, I got a couple clients.  Instead of working to get a bunch of different companies to help, I instead really focused on getting a couple business and setting up a 40-hour workweek.  One business was near the city; another, in the country.  It was laid back; truly, truly, truly, enjoyed working at each place.  I was friends, in a professional sense with everyone, and we enjoyed the comradeship of each other; although the office politics were abhorrently different in each place.  In one place, I was the liberal (LOL), while in another place, I was much on the conservative end.  Regardless, I worked hard and tried to do my best.  Many nights, I would work late on a Friday because I, genuinely, wanted to learn how to do my job; in other places, I would make sure that I stayed until my shift ended at 5pm and then start the 45 minute drive back home to make dinner for my girlfriend.

Life was quaint in the small town where we lived; Sunday’s, we would listen to NPR; Lake Woebegone? I LOVED those days; still I have pictures of what I had; lost it all in a blink, one day, when I decided, or was forced, to leave.

Broken hearts don’t mend they reinforce.

Throughout the years, we kept in touch; best friends stay close regardless of geography.  I was thrilled when I heard her news; we had started to get closer.  Without a grasp on how to proceed, I let it go.  I feel that there is only so much.  One day, I will tell her.

“Where was I in the story?”, I asked the class.

The environment controls your thoughts; right now, I am listening to this (Deftones – Around The Fur) album while I write.  Finding out who we are is simply to look around at the space that we have created.  Instead of looking on the internet for articles, your browser history is an autobiography? Wondering what to do when we go forward…

I pause.


Introspection on how I feel.

How do I want to feel? Good, yo! 😉

I thought that my ideas were ludicrous until, one day, in my search of the Culpeper Public Library, I found this book.  I checked it out.  Returning home, I flipped through the pages until I found what I was looking for.  The author’s name was Daniella LaPorte.  The book was The Fire Starter Sessions, as I recall? She talked about feelings; how do you want to feel? I started writing 7 Steps Out Of Wage Slavery as a fuck you to life-coaching and the idea of SMART goals. Instead, I created S.M.A.R.T. action:

Start Making Action Real Today!

I may be wrong.  But, I’m not?

Jamie Smith

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