You’re Gracias’ing All Over Yourself Like A Scared S*itty Dog: Ok?

Her mom said through the phone, “say thanks.”

“Thanks for what?”, she responded.

“The pizza”, her mom said, “say thanks for the pizza.”

“Ah… ok?”

She hung up the phone and turned to me.


“No, don’t say that”, I retorted.

“Ok”, she whimpered as she thought what was going on.

“Ya me voy”, I told her as I picked up my bookbag and turned towards the door.

Don’t say gracias at home; think what you can contribute, instead: we’re a team, after all.

“Ok”, she responded as she stammered on what to say next.

“Say A donde vas?“, I told her.


“Say A donde vas?“, I told her, repeating myself.

A donde vas?“, she shyly whispered.

“I’m going to the coffee shop to do some work”, I told her.

“Ok?”, she said as a sparkle formed in her eyes.

She quickly looked away.

I sighed; this was going to take a lot of time to teach her how to talk: finally, however, we were making, some, progress, I felt.

“Gracias!”, she said as I opened the door to the car.

“Huh? For what?”, I asked as I tried to make my escape to the coffee shop.

“For the pizza”, she said.

“You don’t have to say that”, I replied.

I don’t think I got the point across that it’s not about the thanks in words; but, instead, in something that you can do, either to that person or to someone else.

Good deeds make the world go around; continue them forward.

“FUCK!”, I said at the coffee shop as the computer shut off for the 10 millionth time.

Silence; wait, people can hear me; maybe, I should instead write these articles at home; I felt, but, as I was here, I decided to continue writing just a little more; if I can get through this article, perhaps, I can gain control and discipline; small amounts to exercise to restraint; a Sudoku puzzle a day.

Continuing to write, the machine hissed steam as another cappuccino was made; it was going to be a long trip home; especially since I didn’t know where I was going; on the road, soon, I thought, as I sighed; it was going to be a long night; but, FUCK it!; that’s alright; I finished the article.

Jamie Smith

It's all about the story, man.

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