Depression – when it doesn’t matter what other people think, the only person’s opinion that you care about is your own – and it’s a pretty SHIT OPINION.

Depression – when it doesn’t matter what other people, the only person’s opinion that you care about us your own – and it’s a pretty SHIT OPINION.

So yeah, Robin Williams, GREAT, the world loves him, but in his eyes, a failure, another attempt at sobriety down the drain. Perhaps we have this idea of sobriety all backwards – Clearly he was self-medicating through alcohol(As on the record I do through tobacco) – Maybe It’s Not the worst thing. I’ve often thought that Probably a good beer(or 10) would help me release the interior thoughts I have.

“Alcohol reveals what sobriety conceals”

So FUCK YOU AA, 12-Step Programs, Anything That teach that there’s some inherent flaw With The Perfection that You Are.

So Perhaps instead of looking at “alcoholics”, “drug addicts”, Heaven forbid “Smokers”, as some social-pariah in need of fixing – Practice Forgiveness, Then A Heavy Dosage OF Living-Kindness.

There’s Nothing Wrong With you.

Stop thinking that you’re some inherently awful person that needs to practice some form of self-imposed abstinence and start enjoying, and living your life, flaws and all – Proud, and with the mentality, Fuck You, I Won’t do what you tell me.

Live your life as you so choose fit.

And Robin, It’s too late now, but live your life authentic – We Never got to see the real person, the person behind the laughs, characters, comedy – The Real, genuine, authentic, person that at one point loved to read stories to his kids, not in a made-up, funny voice, but in a genuine + caring sense. The real Robin Williams, would we(the collective) like and approve of him??? I don’t know.

Look, if people, don’t like you, perhaps It’s because you let the wrong people Judge you.

“I am, as I am: hideous, or handsome, depends on who is made judge” / Herman Melville

Don’t judge yourself. Yo;D

Jamie Smith

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