I don’t want to be a rockstar – i want the feeling that it would give me, i.e. freedom, to be able to travel, ETC….

I don’t want to be a rockstar – i want the feeling that it would give me, i.e. freedom, to be able to travel, respect, admiration, the girl of my dreams.  being a rockstar, or business owner is a means, what i want is the feeling that it would/does bring.  

i suspect that you want to be a model for a feeling that it would create, money, presitge, ETC… (I don’t care, not my business why) – but What I am saying is there are several roads to the same destination.  I.E.  Figure out what Feeling you WANT (Happy, Successful, Secure, ETC… Again, Its your business and I Don’t Pry) – and look at different ways to get there.

I want to have the option to live in the tropics – I want to have options of what to do in my life.  I want to Feel Free.  I see running a business coaching, producing music, engineering (my education + background) getting me there.

Once, you are clear on what FEELING you Truly Want – Believe You can achieve it.  It sounds easy, but Truly Success Is In Your Mindset; I created this course to help people, in your situation get over the mental blocks that Really Are The True Deterrent from your success (And were mine) [See Attachment]. **STAY POSTED FOR THIS**

Look, The only thing stopping you from achieving is knowing what Feeling you want, Believing You Can Achieve It (It Really is – Talk to people already living this life, there no different than you – and Probably your better in ways than them), And Having Faith that somehow it will work out (Or You’ll be Dead and It won’t matter anyways LOL!!!).  And For FUCK’s Sake – Make your breaks, make your Luck, Break Down the FUCKING Door and announce , “I’m Here, And I’ve Come to FUCKING Kickass and Model – And No one is going to stop me” I’ll tell you that you can do it, but Tell It To Yourself.  Its all about internal motivation.

Cheers!!! -jamie:D And I’m going to post this on the blog – I Really believe in helping one at a time but sharing what works so that it can help others (Your identity is safe)


What FEELING Do You FUCKING Crave In Your Bones??? Yo 😉

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