34+ Bullet Point Autobiography For 34 Years



It was the greatest sensation of existence; not to trust – but to know. Ayn Rand

•Retired at 29•Won $129k in engineering bids last 6-months of work•Moved outside the US in November 2013•Passed Engineering Licensing, Engineer-In-Training, LEED AP BD+C, LEED GA, Life Coaching exams all on 1st try•Backpacked solo 9 countries•Friends with JFK and Lyndon Johnson’s PR Adviser (also called him granddad RIP)•Dropped out of MBA program with a GPA of 3.75•Professionally trained in life coaching by the Life Purpose Institute in 2010•Declared permanently disabled and unable to work before starting business•Lost state DECA Marketing Championship because I lost my notes(still placed #4th or 5th in state)•Reduced my monthly expenses by 80% in 6-months•Spent 28 days in a mental hospital on a 3-day stay•Victim of an armed robbery 2 months after moving to Tijuana•Kicked out onto streets by friend because he said I didn’t understand business and didn’t like small talk•Quit drinking in 2007 and got addicted to mountain biking•My grandfather died one week after moving across the country to be closer to him•Consulted with the same music advisers that Taylor Swift and Tool did when they were starting•Wrote and self-published a 326 page book that sold 1 copy•Told I would die young because of Hirschprung’s Disease•Recovering drug addict with 7 years sobriety•Was told by prospective ghostwriter that my “writing style was too technical and boring”•Won DECA regional marketing competition with only 20 minutes of practice•Set two-time world records while on submarine team at Virginia Tech•Wrote and self-published Amazon #1 bestseller eBook•Ran out of money and didn’t eat for a week in Lima, Perú•Recorded and produced 45 songs after only taking two guitar lessons•Hiked the 40-kilometer Santa Cruz trail at over 14k’ elevation in Perú in 3 days•Turned down by every publisher I contacted so no choice but to self-publish•Snowboarded double black diamonds at Mount Tremblant, Canada•Lived in my car for 3-months and spent time homeless in San Diego•Had a blog that made roughly $0.08 in about 3 years of operation•Explored the remote beaches of Costa Rica by 4-wheel drive•Cashed in my entire retirement to keep a failed business going•Awoke in a B&B in Germany to the Alps with a fresh coat of snow•Stayed in a backpackers hostel in the Red Light district of Amsterdam•Camped out for three days at Bonnaroo in Tennessee•Spent a semester on academic probation at Virginia Tech•

Jamie Smith

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